Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Possibilities: The Rabbit Page and more...

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This comes from the graphic essay "Possibilities" that accompanied Game Show Detroit (www.gameshowdetroit.com) Produced in the spring of 2005, it's 16 pages long with full color cover. I may add other pages from it to this archive at some point. - N

(Page 2 - the "Rabbit Page")

(Page 5)

(Page 11)

(Page 14)

Show of Hands

This was created for "Defending the Tree of Liberty" part two - which was post-Presidential Election 2004. Along with the piece for part one "Security", i credit these pieces as getting me back into making comics after a rather lengthy hiatus. - N


This was created for an art show "Defending the Tree of Liberty" before the 2004 Presidential Election. Participating in this project (with short notice), helped get me back into making comics again. - N