Sunday, April 12, 2015

Arrival! PW Podcast - NEW site

While I've moved my updates, archives, comics, and comics and education resources over to their new home,, I know people are still showing up here - so I'm posting a little update and asking visitors to migrate over to (A longer version of this post is here.)

My copy of Unflattening arrived! Nearly a year ago, I defended the dissertation, just after we welcomed our daughter into the world, and as she turns one and is starting to get up on her feet, it seems fitting that this too is launching. Calvin Reed of Publishers Weekly interviewed me about Unflattening for their More to Come audio podcast. It's a long conversation on comics, scholarship, and my process - online here. (PW also reviewed Unflattening here and I did an interview with Inside Higher Education here. I've devoted a page to compiling all news about the book, and you can see more info on Harvard UP's site as well.) 
As part of a series of essays on alt-scholarship (of which the entire collection is available here), I  contributed a piece reflecting on my experience doing the dissertation in comics, online here, Also this week, I did an interview with Anne Brackenbury for the series Graphic Adventures in Anthropology - in which we discussed my process, the intersection of scholarship and art, future possibilities for ethnography in comics, and collaboration. Have a look here. Finally, while it's only been out a few days, Unflattening has already been used in Professor Steven L. Berg of Schoolcraft College composition courses! They already took up the concept of Parallax and Dr. Berg is planning to use the book in his courses in the fall.

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