Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bi(bli)ography - text only

Ok, it's been a long time since there's been a new piece. Not because i've not been working on new projects, but rather because of how each project has grown as i've delved into it. This is the case with the following - intended to be a two-page, quick essay, it blew up fractal-like as a response to the text essay "Voices." Anyhow, as a small insight into my process, I'm presenting a preview of "Bi(bli)ography" sans images. As i finish them, i'll be updating. I welcome any feedback along the way. Thanks - N

(A version of p. 8 before i put the text and panel borders in, with some of the rough sketches still underneath...)


Marcelle said...

Nick! This is awesome...the text is riveting...I can't wait to see your artwork come to life with it. This captures the concept of the limitlessness of possiblities...Love it!

Karen said...

Yowzah! This is wild--that final page really can't be read without the images, can it? I mean, in places I'm not even sure what the flow is. Where does my eye go next? Wherever I feel like it should!

But I have a question--I keep saying in columns and talks that comics represent the inextricable marriage of image and text. That the text doesn't work without the image, nor vice versa. So...what does it mean that I can read this without the images? Or, once the images arrive, does the whole become something wholly other than it is at the moment?

Just curious!