Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Boxes (Final Version)

Created in conjunction with Graeme Sullivan's "Visual Arts Research" class at TC. Closely related to the recent "Bi(bli)ography" as well as a spiritual cousin to "In the Box/Out of the Box" from some time ago. - Nick
(note, this is a revised version which replaces an earlier - now deleted - posting.)

Little Boxes is also designed to be put together as a cube - or little box itself. Arrows around the page numbers both point to the direction to attach the next page as well as orient the reader on where to "turn" next. Here's an image of the cube from one perspective.


Unknown said...

I love this idea of a 3-D comic!

nsousanis said...

Thanks, Andrew.
I've thought about spatial comics that you walk through - and likely will produce one at some point. This was done at the suggestion of my wife. The comic was initially designed as a 4 page standard format book, given the subject matter, she suggested making it as a cube - i then redesigned it to the 6 square pages. I think the format reinforces the theme, since i could use a regular patter of boxes on the page, and slowly break that down as the comic progressed. I was intrigued by the idea that new connections could be made between panels in 3dimensions. Watching people turn it the wrong way in reading a slightly earlier version made me reconsider, and i went back and added the arrows that appear around the page numbers, which i hope at least lets people know which way i intend it to read, even if they choose something else.

Long response for a short comment. - Nick

Annie Haines said...

Hi Nick, sorry for not commenting sooner - life is so busy! I thought your earlier version was interesting, but it seemed to be missing that multi-layered thing that you do so well. Now that I see the final version that you make into a box - well, that was the zinger I was waiting for. Very cool!

Unknown said...

Captain America found the cosmic cube -- now we have the Comic Cube!

Reread this -- now I want to read all the books you referred to!