Monday, May 7, 2012

A page?

So, I've finished several pages from the first chapter of the dissertation - and will post bits of it soon. Today, I was stuck with what will roughly be the seventh page - and started playing with alternative versions of what I had in mind. One, I got so excited about, I decided to do it to completion - regardless of whether I had a spot for it. Right now, I don't. Kind of crazy to do an extra page in the midst of this - but likely either a spot will open or something will come of it. Either way - here is a page that relates to all the ones I've done before, but doesn't quite have a spot within the narrative I've constructed - yet.... - Nick


Scorpicon said...

It could just make a really nice print. No need to modify your narrative to fit a page.

nsousanis said...

Good advice, A, nice to see you here! thanks, best, Nick