Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Site!

With the imminent arrival of Unflattening, I have a proper site now in place at www.spinweaveandcut.com. I've been giving out that address all along, but it's been bouncing to this blog. Going forward, I'll be posting all content on the new site. I brought over all the existing archives of my work and added the former wiki I had of resources related to my course on comics and education as well. Hope you'll join me there!

Also, just in, a nice feature on the work at Inside Higher Ed. See you at www.spinweaveandcut.com. - Nick


Paradoxographer said...

Very much looking forward to adding 'Unflattening' to my bookshelves. The new website looks great; however, you might like to know that the RSS feed doesn't seem to be working (at least with Chrome and IE). All the best, RH.

nsousanis said...

thanks and thanks for the heads on the RSS. It should be taken care of now, please let me know if you find that it's not. Thanks for the support!