Friday, June 1, 2012

Boxes - dissertation pages

Wanted to share two recent pages from the first chapter of my dissertation. These are around pages 8 and 9. When i finish the chapter - I may post the earlier pages and all of it in its entirety. Anyhow, this has to do with the boxes we find ourselves in and the boxes we make for ourselves. (In some ways, these pages are a spiritual cousin to this earlier work: Little Boxes). As is always the case, I've reduced the resolution tremendously for putting on the web, and some of the tiny detail inherent in the work likely disappears. Thanks - Nick


mydh said...


I am an educational technologist from India. Reading about your journey through your dissertation has been fascinating. I wanted to send an article your way that you may be interested in.

In India, a controversy recently stirred up because of a comic in a text book:

A student recently wrote about it, quite eloquently. This, I thought you might be interested in

nsousanis said...

Thank you for your post and for sharing the article links. The student's response is indeed quite eloquent, and i think spot on. We can convey a great depth of complexity in something as seemingly simple as a cartoon as the author points out - for powerful effect in learning. Something I'll definitely share with others.
Thanks - nick

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,

I just heard about the work you are doing, and I find it very interesting on a number of levels.

As someone who enjoys comics, I like the idea of someone showing adults the legitimacy of comics as a medium.

As an academic, I believe for people to view comics as the legitimate medium it is, then it must be held to the same standards of scholarship as any other research.

Thank you for sharing your pages as well. They look great.

Have you finished "writing" your dissertation? I am curious about the process of a dissertation as a comic.

Once again though, I think what you are doing is neat, and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

nsousanis said...

Jay Young,
thanks for your comment - agreed it's about showing legitimacy of comics at the same time as holding it to the same level of rigor as other research. Setting out to do that... The pages i've been sharing come from the first chapter, which i'm nearly done with. Hoping to have the entire piece finished in the fall... Best, Nick